Thursday, March 10, 2011

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visit the Fair of Seville in bird offer

Today I entered the 'website for prices Renfe AVE Madrid - Sevilla and I checked there is a very good offer to visit the Fair of Seville . The normal rate of AVE on this tourist route is 83.30 euros, Renfe has been offering web fares on the dates of the fair in April, this year is in May, to 33.30 euros, what you save 50 euros and you have a chance to go back in the day with that low rate. At least when I checked, the offer is limited and early reservations are not sure if it's over.

Fair in April this year in May 2011, from 3 to 8 this month. Sevilla these days is transformed to the rhythm of the show. Known Internacinal is an important event that has acquired its own name, to be called Feria de Sevilla, is known as Feria de Abril. The Fair takes place in the famous district of Los Remedios, where hundreds of stalls are installed and all kinds of attractions, lasts six days, but begins with the night of May 2 pescaito.


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